Worona Home Inspections
Worona Home Inspections
Worona Contracting is new in 2010. Visit woronacontracting.com now.

Worona Contracting is a company started by Vern and Jeff Worona. Jeff is the Owner/President. Vern takes care of estimating and financials. We find that it is a conflict of interest to mention contractural type work, such as mold remediation during a standard home inspection.

Thus, we invite you to visit the Worona Contracting web site to obtain information about this new company.

Visit Jeff at: woronacontractinginc.com.

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Worona Home Inspections
6735 Sodom Hutchings Rd

Girard, 44420

Phone: +1 330 330-539-0242 +1 330 330-539-0242

E-mail: worona58@yahoo.com

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