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2019 brings new and exciting memberships and qualifications.

Vern now has 27 full years (incorporated) with WHI.

Matt has 8 full years in now!

Jeff has turned his attention to mold remediation and contract work.

Vern, Matt and Jeff are now certified through NACHI (besides AAHI). NACHI is the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Vern recently is nationally certified (2010) with MICRO as a Mold inspector.

Vern is a long tome member of the local Mahoning County Home Builders Association (HBA).

Jeff Worona, an Inspector with WHI since 2006, is self-employed with his own company, "Worona Contracting. Inc", a Mold remediation and heavy duty cleaning and restoration organization. He has also started remodeling projects after the removal and

cleaning of the home.. See him at: woronacontracting.com.

2018 is still showing a strong market for house sales. As interest rates are low and the housing market is vast and wide open. Now seems to be the time to buy.


President/Owner of the firm of Worona Home Inspections, Inc.


. Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, (August 25, 1985) at Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio.. Minor in Mathematics (August 25, 1985) at Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH.

.Certified Home Inspector, # 1443, American Association of Home Inspectors .

.NACHI Certified Home Inspector: No. 13050705

.Pittsburgh Training Labs/Ohio Dept. of Health: . Certified Asbestos Evaluation Specialist. Certified Asbestos Inspector/Management Planner

. HBA Code Seminar, May 2007 and June 2017.

. MICRO Mold Certification Course, July 2010.

. HBA Board of Director Position, 2011.


WORONA HOME INSPECTIONS,INC.Incorporated September, 1992 - Present

Title: President/Sole Principal. Responsibilities include development and supervision of Home Inspection Services, including Site Inspections, Reports, and Customer Presentation. Supervision of all operations of Worona Home Inspections, Inc., including Project Inspections, Consumer Marketing and Sales, Computer Aided reporting, and the continuous review and update of all Programs and Policies. Worona Home Inspections has bonding Insurance. We are certified through AAHI (American Association of Home Inspectors) as a Home Inspection company. We work directly with Banks, Legal offices, FHA & VA Associations, and Real Estate companies related to Inspections on residential and commercial properties. Familiar with housing codes and guidelines. Computer familiarity since 1987. Professional Witness in Court System.

...Completion of 12,000+ Residential Home Inspections September 1992 to present.

...Completion of 1,000+ Commercial Buildings Inspections September 1992 to present.

...Completion of 240+ HUD housing unit inspections in Akron area 1993.

...Completion of AHERA Asbestos School Inspections, Three Districts. 1995 to present.

...Completion of 100+ Legal (lawsuit) inspections and professional witness testimony.

WILLIAM E. FINK & ASSOCIATES, INC.July, 1991 - Sept, 1992

Fulfilled the responsibilities of Director of Engineering. Responsibilities included the over site of all Engineering functions of Environmental Engineering Firm.

...Certified Asbestos Hazard Abatement Specialist.

...Certified Asbestos Hazard Evaluation Specialist.

...Conducted Inspections of major asbestos abatement projects, including on site air monitoring. ...Completed Energy Audits for various companies, including all HVAC, Electrical, and related areas.

...Was Responsible for completed prints, utilizing Computer aided drawing for projects.

...Completed 3-year Asbestos Inspections for various School Districts.

...Utilized ACAD, Word Perfect, and Quatro Pro (Lotus) in all Engineering areas.

...Worked directly with Customer to assure accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of projects.

...Wrote Specifications and Reports on Projects, including Bidding documents.

...Knowledgeable of EPA and OSHA Guidelines and Regulations pertaining to Asbestos, Lead Based Paint, and various Hazardous Materials. Inspected and reviewed construction trade practices, including electrical, HVAC, roofing, carpentry, and related fields.


(July 1986 to July 1991). Fulfilled the Responsibilities as Chief of Engineering.

...Coordinated Engineering activities with staff.

...Was responsible for all work relating to window, door, security screen, and special application projects.

...Worked directly with Production to assure accuracy and cost efficiency of order.

...Advanced in CAD, lotus, and word processing.

...Experienced in designing application oriented shop drawings, and production related extrusions and layouts.

...Established Production and installation schedules, coordinating times, manpower, and work to be completed.

...Managed external Contracting installation projects.

...Involved in all existing Product improvements and new design concepts.

...Responsible for overall Plant Quality Control.

...Responsible for final review and approval of all Shop Drawings, Bid Estimates, and Project Schedules.

...Worked directly with sales to promote Customer Satisfaction and Service.

ENGINEER/ASBESTOS INSPECTORYoungstown Metro Housing Authority. Youngstown, OH. (Jan. 1986 to July 1986).

...Responsible for inspecting and making judgment on work proposed and completed by contractor.

...Knowledgeable of all aspects related to asbestos removal.

...Reviewed technical drawings, blueprints, and job specifications as to project.

...Assisted with the YMHA supervision of the Westlake Homes boiler and pipe installation project.

...Conducted Inspections and made judgment on 5 mil Renovation Project, including Carpentry, Roofing, HVAC, Electrical, Painting, and other Construction Trades.

LAB TECHNICIANCommercial Shearing, Inc. Youngstown, OH. (1980-1983).

... Involved in opening and starting up of Research and Development Lab.

... Built and tested various experimental motors and pumps.

... Took log readings on ongoing lab tests.

... Repaired and maintained projects undergoing testing.

... Operated Dynos and test equipment for Engineers.

STEVE WORONA HEATING CO.Hermitage, PA. (1974 to 1987)

Worked as an HVAC apprentice, including the installation of furnaces, Central Air Conditioning Units, and Boiler Systems.

... Assisted with complete tear-out of existing furnace systems and the reinstallation of new furnaces or boiler systems.

...Worked with the new installation of Central Air Conditioning units.

... Built tin duct work and related products for the installation of HVAC systems.

... Aided in the repair of existing Boiler systems.

CONSULTANT/HOMEOWNERVernon T. Worona, 1986 to present.

Aid various groups with Construction oriented work, including actual Inspections and Construction Trades. Work with various Architectural and Engineering firms in the design, planning, and implementation of various projects, including building inspections, asbestos, mold, and lead based paint testing. Completed Inspection of 240+ unit Housing Site as consultant for major Architectural firm in Summer, 1993, Akron, Ohio. Included complete inspection of units for structural and mechanical problems, and Asbestos sampling. Conduct Asbestos inspections for local school districts as an Asbestos Inspector and Management Planner.

Implemented Video Recording and Inspection for Commercial Inspections in 1995. Inspected and recorded over 20+ acres of commercial property and buildings for client in 1995.

Vern Worona also conducts "legal" inspections and recordings for various clients relating to legal matters. Participate as a "Professional Expert" in the Court System. Endorsed by the local HBA, as well as the local BBB. Asbestos Certified since 1985.


Member of AAHI (American Association of Home Inspectors).

Member of NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Insp.)

Member of local HBA (Home Builders Association)

Member of Youngstown Columbiana Area Board of Realtors.

Member of BBB (Better Business Bureau)

Member of the NSPE (National Society of Professional Engineers).

Member of the MICRO (Mold Inspection Organization).

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