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Worona Home Inspections
Short and sweet. Quite a few years ago I showed up at the house I was contracted to inspect. The Seller was there and let me in. Funny thing was, He barely said a word. He opened the door, said hi, and walked away. I remember he had on a very cool cowboy hat, and the customary cowboy mustache as well.

My client shows up and we proceed with the home inspection. Once inside, my client sees the seller and stated that he did not know he was home. He said hi but got only a minimal response. The seller looked very nervous at that time and kept pacing the rooms.

As we proceeded with the job, we hear cars pull up outside. Immediately two Sheriffs Deputies enter the home and quickly handcuff the seller and take him out to one of their cars.

What ??? Or rather, what just happened ???

The deputies ask what we are doing there. After I explain that we are completing a home inspection they tell me to lock up after we are done. No problem. We finish, lock up, and leave.

Curious? Well we found out afterward that the seller had a warrant out for his arrest for failing to pay certain bills, although not quite sure which kind. Not my business. Just glad we were able to finish and leave as we arrived.

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