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Just a mean guy. Some people don't think, just try to get ahead at others expenses.

As I was inspecting the home, there was a question about the light at the top of the stairs. I was pretty sure that it was burned out, as my electrical tester assurred me. But my client wanted to know. No, just had to know. Unfortunately, the light fixture was over the railing, hard to get to, and made me uneasy. The stairs were a beautiful cherry wood that was recently stained. But, I leaned over and started to unscrew the covering globe that held the light. My client thought he would help me. As the globe started to come off, my buyer sticks his hand onto it. Well you know what happened next. Instead of me holding onto the globe and gently placing it on the floor, it slides off my forehead and shatters all over the beautiful stairs.

Well, we start cleaning up the glass (after making sure that the light worked. (Yes, is was burned out). As we are cleaning I notice blood on my shirt. I touched my forehead and my hand was red with blood. I go into the bathroom and see a two inch cut right down the middle of ny forehead. I take care of the cut, finish the inspection, and head home.

End of story? Nooooooo. About two months later I receive a bill in the mail from my client. Yeah, that's right. He wants me to pay for a new light fixture. He had went to one of the home building warehouses, had spend over $4,000 on renovation items, and billed me $34.00 for a new globe. Unbelievable? No, not in this business. After contacting him and professionally telling him what had happened and why I would not pay for his globe, he let's me have it. I tell him about the two inch scar I now have on my forehead. He hangs up, never to be heard of again.?

I wished the story was over, but it wasn;t. Upon inspecting his home, I had found numerous plumbing issues in the basement. They were written up as Unsatisfactory defects. Repairs were recommended. About two year after he moves in, a potential client calls me to inspect this home again. The last homeowner (my bold client) was moving out. My new caller was concerned about plumbing issues. I stated that two years prior there were issues with the plumbing and repairs were needed. My old customer declined to state these issues on his property disclosue as mandated by law. What happened after that, I do not know, and do not care. You can still see the scar...........

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