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Worona Home Inspections
Our Inspectors Steve and Matt are inspecting a 4-plex apartment. This is the third trip to the unit as the tenants conveniently have had the chain locked at the interior door. As they are inspecting they notice three "tenants" sleeping in three different rooms. Hmmm. One O'clock in the afternoon. Not looking good.....They are about to enter one of the bedrooms when they noticed a half dressed "person" sleeping on the bed. As they close the door (no way will they enter that room!) Matt notices a cat sitting on the living room window sill. Then he hears the sound of a cat urinating. I know hard to imagine. Well.... the cat pees on the window sill, which then leaks down the wall into the electrical outlet behind the couch.... Yep... The outlet sparked and caught the couch on fire. Unbelievable. Well, they and a awakened tenant quickly put out the fire. End of story... Question--> What if Matt and Steve were not there at that exact time to put out the fire?

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