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Obviously I will never state the name of a person in these stories. This one could land me in hot water if the homeowner read it. So I will claim that this story was made up, a fantasy tale, , never happened, etc.....(or was it). You decide.

We (my son and I) arrived at a home recently to start an inspection. It looked like an easy one. Beautifully maintained on the exterior. Only ten years old and in a nice neighborhood. We were about 30 minutes early and wanted to start on the outside since we were about 45 minutes from the office, and did not want to waste time. I rang the door bell and knocked numerous times but no one answered. I had heard that the seller of the home wanted to be there no matter what. So rather than nose around, we left to complete a few store errands and than arrived back at the home at the appointed time. Mrs. Homeowner was there and asked if we wanted to come in. I said yes, and I started on the outside and my son then went indoors to start the basement area. The potential home buyer was not yet there. I went to the truck to get tools and went right back to the front door which was locked. Ms. homeowner asked me if I needed it to be unlocked. Yes...... I walked around the home once and went in to proceed to the garage area. Whoops. Front door was locked again. Finally proceeding to the garage, the homeowner tailed me and asked if I needed to open the door. Yes I told her... She left. During the garage inspection my client arrived and we talked about the home. As he was measuring space in the garage, Ms. homeowner peeked out and said hello to the buyer. She then asked why he was measuring. He explained. She then stated that he was walking on her garage floor and she would need to clean it. ??? Not sure what that meant at the time.

As I went into the home my son was walking up the basement stairs and met me at the top. I asked how he was doing. He had this wild, flabbergasted look in his eyes (he's only in his twenties...happens all the time. ha ha). I said: what's up? He said, "Dad, this ladies loony! She's already driving me crazy" (he did not say the word loony. You can imput). I asked him what the problem was. He said, she wouldn't leave him alone and won't let him touch something a second time. He could only touch the light switch one time, then she would clean it. Aw come on, I said. It can't be that bad. But I will admit that right after this exchange Mrs. homeowner approached me and stated that she had a obsessive-complulsive disorder. Oh....So I told her that I understood and that we would be careful about what we touched. Unfortunately, during a home inspection we have to touch almost everything. And by the time the inspection got really rolling we had two realtors, two inspectors, two potential buyers, and the homeowner in the way, I mean in the home. I guess this became a little too much for her. We were not allowed to touch things anymore. We had to leave the electrical panel cover off the panel so that her "husband would clean it". The furnace door was left off. Lot's of things were left open and off. The agents were trying to console and explain to her about a home inspection and that we need to touch things.

Well, it resolved, like all things do. We were about fininshed when the husband arrived and explained that he would now have to clean the entire home, and it would take about three weeks because we touched everything. Okay. Sorry......

Unfortunately these things happen and we felt bad for both the homeowners, even after we were in the kitchen area and overheard Mrs. homeowner tell her Realtor that she was getting ready to call the Sheriff because we were touching her things. I tried not to appear annoyed or upset. She then came into the kitchen as I was about to "touch" the refrigerator. My finger stopped about 1 inch away. Everyone was looking at me. Everyone. My son hid his face behind his notepad (not sure if he was laughing or wanted to be gone). One agent rolled her eyes. The sellers and buyers both reminded me of that "deer in the headlight" look. I stopped. Mrs. Homeowner immediately stated that she was calling the Sheriff. But I didn't even touch it......

Well. We finished . My son was the first out the door and was sitting in the truck (claimed he was warming it up for us. Uh-huh). Regardless of the homeowners fears the inspection went well and all was now right with the world. But this is one reason, among others, that Home Inspectors request that home Sellers leave the house during an inspection.

The Sheriff never did come for us. I would have had him interrogate my son....... touching her light switch... shame on him!

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