Worona Home Inspections
Worona Home Inspections
Photos of past inspections - and oddities

What's wrong with this picture?
Plumbing OVER the Electric panel.

Who was first? the Plumber or Electrician?
Spliced wiring at Wood Wall. No Protective Box.
Gym Wood Flooring Warped due to Water Damage
This Is the Drive Way to the Home. Mud...
That's Right - Cat urine - Everywhere !
Yes... The Inside was No Better !
Porch Problems
Yellow Mold - Old Structure (Logs)
Molly McGovern from Young in Youngstown (TV 21)

Open the photo book below for photos.
Make room for plumbing. Joists? Who cares?
Think we can fit 1 more circuit in here?
Do you want some chew with that electric?
Hey. It's close to the toilet! Come on.
I'm sorry. But the heading "WTF" was enough for me.

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