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Choosing an Inspector is not difficult, but requires needed information.

Regardless if WHI is hired, utilize all available sources when hiring a Home Inspector. The older, more experienced inspectors do want your work, but we also want you to select an inspector that will reflect proper conduct, experience, and credentials when representing our industry.

here are some quick tips for choosing a reliable inspector.

1. EXPERIENCE - Ask how long (years) in business. How many homes have been inspected.

2. EDUCATION - Ask for work history before becoming a Home Inspector. Any special educational qualities, College Deegrees, Specialty courses or other.

3. CERTIFICATION - Ohio Inspectors are Not Licensed and Certification standards are Low ! Unfortunately, new Inspectors can join organizations that allow minimal qualifications, including experience and education. Some of the larger, older and more established certification groups are AAHI (Amercan Association of Home inspectors), ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors), and NAHI (National Association of Home inspectors). These are the only organizationss that Worona Home Inspection endorses.

4. INSURANCE - Most home inspectors cover their inspections with E & O insurance, usually a "claims made" policy. Customers should know, Insurance covers the Home inspector, not the client. Don't be fooled into thinking you are covered because the Home inspector has Insurance. Bonded - WHI also has an Insurance bond that coveres theft and other issues when inspecting the propertry. Bonding is an added expense for the inspector, but a great addition.

5. INSPECTION TOOLS - Does the inspector have proper tools. These would included Ladders, Flashlights, Electrical Testing Devices, Carbon Monoxide and Gas Testers, Moisture Meters, Screw Drivers, and other helpful tools to fully evaluate the property.

6. WRITTEN REPORT - Ask about reporting methods, eamiling, faxing, etc...

7. PRICING - Ask. A qualified Inspector, which is an experienced and educated inspector, will not be cheap. He will be in the top 10% of pricing. If the cost sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Quality means a higher rate.

8. CONVENIENCE - Ask for days and times. Most inspectors can work around your schedule. WHI does not inspect at night time (dark). Why? because important components of the home cannot be viewed, including roofing, grounds, siding, window frames, etc.... An inspector that will meet you a night can only do half the job.

And finally the simple but important questions... Can I walk around with you during the inspection? How soon can I get a report? What type of payment do you take? How do we schedule an appointment? Do you have a Realtor "Supra" key to enter a home listed by a Real Estate Agent?

During the inspection. Ask, ask, ask. Have a question about something? Ask. Inspectors want to know what your concerns are, what your expectations are. The more you ask and input, the more the Inspector can offer and help.

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