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Home Air Check. The newest air testing method available to home inspectors on the market is here. Not sure what you are breathing in your home? Smell and odor that you are uncomfortable with? Nearby construction crew work or ecological happenings in your backyard have you puzzled about what you may be breathing?

Home air check addresses VOCs, Volatile Organic Compounds. These can be Adhesives, Alcolhol Products, Light Hydrocarbon Solvents, Gasoline, Moth Balls, Odorants, Kerosene, Fuel Oil, Diesel Oil, Paints: Varnishes, Personal Care Products, Propellants/Blowing Agents: Refrigerants, Medicinals, And Many Other categories. 400+ Airborn chemicals.

Helps Answer "What's that smell".

TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compound) is acceptable by the U.S. Green BUilding Council at a level of 500 ng/L or below. Levels above 1,500 ng/L are an indication that levels are high and that the indoor air quality should be improved.

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More information is on the way. Check back occasionally to obtain valuable health saving benefits.

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