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2019 is Here! 27 full years!

Starting year 28. And we are about 5 days out now to schedule. Although we will try our hardest to fit in your inspection. So call soon (not on your 9th day. lol).

Remember to check qualifications of the Inspectors!


New this year: Licensing of Home Inspectors. Stay tuned for this new development.

A Professional Inspector has multiple years of education in the business, but more so the Experience.

Want to save a buck? Hire a new guy now. Want to save Thousands later? if not Tens of Thousands? Hire an experienced Inspector. Search and compare before you hire. Save yourself the headache!

"Professional" Inspectors rates are about  $400 or more.

Check out our Inspector stories. We have an old "cat" story that is almost unbelievable!

We are in our 27th Year as a leading Home Inspection Company.

If you are planning on scheduling an inspection, the experienced Inspectors are a few days behind, if not more. So call soon.

SO....?? How many certifications and memberships are necessary for a home inspector? Well. Besides AAHI (American Association of Home Inspectors), MICRO (mold), Asbestos Cert., HBA (Home Builders Association),and A Mechanical Engineering degree (among other affiliations). We are also certified with NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors). Why? Because we can, and because we want to be the best inspection company for you. We have direct lines to most of the local Contractors (Heating, Cooling, Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing, Remodeling, and others). Thanks to our 17 year membership in the HBA and our A+ rating with the local BBB if we need information or help, they are there for us and you. So know that you have the best certified and knowledgeable inspectors in the area.

Worona Home Inspections (WHI) was established in September 1992. We have 27 years of solid inspection experience as WHI, and another seven years as an inspector for previous companies prior. See our Qualifications Page for details about Vern Worona.

When buying a home, selecting a professional, experienced Inspector is of prime importance. You owe it to yourself to have the most capable and knowledgable inspector looking at the home you may someday be living in, perhaps the rest of your life.

The inspection industry has quickly become a market of importance due to the many years that older, experienced inspectors have labored to create a solid, respectable, and demanding service.

And..... we are the only inspection company with a 4 year degreed Mechanical Engineer and a two year Degreed Electrical Inspector. We also have the backing of the local HBA and BBB Organizations as well as many Professional Contractors (HVAC, Electricians, Plumbers, Roofers. Builders, Remodelers, and Others to obtain any information needed for the complete home inspection!


Member of AAHI (American Association of Home Inspectors). (27yr)

Member of local HBA (Home Builders Association) (20+ years)

Member of Youngstown Columbiana Area Board of Realtors. (25+yrs)

Member of MICRO (Mold Certification Organization) (7 yrs).

Member of NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors). (6 yrs)

Member of ANGIES LIST (Homeowner help organization) (5+ yr).

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